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Arise Homo Sapiens – Out Creating The Black Magick DreamSpell

The current root of our civilization: Fear,Time, Money, War, Disease, Poverty,
Scarcity, Entropy, Decay, Death

Humanity Has Been Lead Into A False Reality Based In Fear And Control.

The Parasite Or The Creator You Choose

Is the seminal theme human story, the human condition we have variously harvested, enchanted, seduced, engineered, manipulated into one spell or another we must own that, we must recognize that in the words of the delightful Terence Mckenna

“CULTure Is Not Your Friend”

This is a hard one for us to understand because we’re even suckered into believing that religious myths or a cultural myths is a beautiful thing, traditional values… NO NO that’s mind control, that’s dream spell that’s the mechanics of stealing away your sovereignty. I’m talking about the capacity as a living soul to be able to command my own destiny to steer this planet to steer this star system to where we want it to be, our highest expression so where do we choose to place our attention?  We’re living in a foundationally parasitic paradigm think about it, we are feeding off each other we eating each other alive we devour one another as cultures, as faiths, as nations as individuals and societies as communities as civilizations these are all the same model and it all comes down to you. So we can choose to project our plasma which is our life force to participate in that parasitic game which the world invites, we’re encouraged to do so we’re encouraged to be that kind of animal in this world doggy dog, survival of the fittest time is money all that bullshit, or conversely we project our plasma into the field with empathy with love with all the right stuff and we begin to manifest, we become the Creator. So the parasite or the Creator which will you choose, we have the power, the Majesty in our DNA to be Either Or.
There is a psychological war going on for the control of the way we think of culture as a people

Break The Spells And Move Into You Own Divine Power
All Forms Of Worship Equate To The Surrender Of Our Life-Force
The (lower cap) Gods Feed On This Stuff = Reincarnation
We are feeding on false light buying the spells and then selling them to one and other.
The systems goal is to have every human surrender its sovereign divine power energy to feed their
system of control.
its so appalling that its a perfect self reflection

Where Shall We Steer Reality From Here?

Here is more information on Sacha Stone New Earth Nation Unity Project

New Earth Nation – A Fellowship Of Sovereign Nations


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