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Galactic Historian- 292 words that will change the universe.

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I in the ever present co-creative moment of now. Choose to form a spiritual court of equity. So I may find the true
signature frequency of remedy and resolve. This choice in the ancient present now
I choose to form multiple overlaying spiritual courts of equity so the multi-dimensional selves can find remedy
and resolve. I bring forth my entire universal Akashic record and offer it to all concurrent nonlinear spiritual
courts of equity. With this baseline we begin the final process of separation of densities.
I call forth all sentient and non-sentient observers or interceders that operates within one, two or three degrees
of separation of me. In these nonlinear concurrently running spiritual courts of equity I summon all DNA linage
ancestors in full unity consciousness paradigm to bare sacred neutral witness in full multi-dimensional form of
all entangled or un-entangled observers. We now all bare witness to this paradox of entangled and un-entangled
observers meeting in this multi layered nonlinear concurrently running spiritual courts of multi-dimensional equity.
I hereby state in no-time that all observers directly entangling with my multi-dimensional selves must state to all
ancestors in your authentic signature frequency what universal place of space time did your soul spark come into
existence. This is your un-entangled prof you are not entangling with me. Your true source frequency of time.
This is the final process of separation of density if u have no true source frequency of time you are not real.
I bring together all source time codes of all sentient non entangled observers, I make this the master codex of
all spiritual courts of equity in communion and union with unity consciousness source time beings and collective
consciousness creations

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