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Insight On Spiritual Contract Revocations Plus PDF

Archon Soul Contract
Archon Soul Contract

These contract removals are designed to give every person spiritual sovereignty as well as the opportunity to break away from the current system of control.

Meaning and Purpose Of Contract Revocations
To revoke is to renounce, retract, annul and erase. What are we erasing? The contracts that have bound us into bondage. What are we renouncing? The idea that we were ever anything less than divine. And what are we revoking? The fear that has kept us in place for far too long.
These Soul Contract Revocations are a way to use the power of your voice to break free from the energetic chains of the past, present and future that have been knowingly and unknowingly created. They are tools to remember and reclaim your sovereignty as a free willed being of the Universe with full power and full autonomy, which then releases the hold that the Matrix has on your thinking and allows you to be a conscious multi­dimensional being.
You are challenged to say them every day as a declaration of your freedom. Freedom from your own self­ imposed limitations, freedom from the very ideas that once held you in the comfort and illusion of safety, and freedom to become the greatest version of your highest ideal. Challenge yourself to reveal this highest ideal within you and live it with full passion and expression. This is a step in being your own Savior, your own Hero and your own Source of wisdom. Will you give yourself this gift?
Challenge yourself to freedom!

What the contract revocations are meant to do is to give you space off from the energy harvesting system that’s in our facade, fake reality. And once you have space, declared boundaries, your heart can create sacred space wider than the size of your pericardium that it is now. We, as being, the reason we are not connected in unity consciousness and love frequency everywhere is our hyper frequency love ends where our pericardium, our sac is, and when we go into deeper meditations we can feel that frequency go beyond our physical body. And when we begin to create sacred space inside boundaries that have contract revocations that prevent spirits from functioning with you, you can create a sacred space that broadcasts omni-directionally on all dimensions and time streams. And that’s the other part of what the contract revocation set up, is a way, forum, in which you can speak to your infinite ancestors and all beings sharing this reality, your sovereign expression, and it is a one way communication of sovereignty, so your bubble of reality takes shape from your manifesting will of out loud expression. And it’s important that this world hears your vibratory expression, and it’s important that the neural pathways hear it again and again and again.
And I get so many people saying “You only have to read it once” and the answer is no, and I’ve said this time and time again. When you first do them, you must read them, again, out loud, the next day, within 72 hours. You should read them out once a day. And then every four or five days you should try to read one, one at a time out loud, and make sure at the end of the month you’ve run at least all five. Why?
You are reminding your body that you are more than the size of your pericardium, and then when you begin to show these sovereign boundaries and reclaim just some of the space they’ve been taking from you, you have so much more room to create, co-create, have joy with, or be the innocent inner child once again.

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