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Sonic Geometry 2 – Communicating With The Universe

Though it defies all logical explanation, it appears that our ancient ancestors living in Sumeria 6,000 years ago were “gifted” by “sky-visitors” with certain information that could only be verified by present-day technology. #432Hz


What is this information? It is the explanation of how frequency reveals mechanical movements found throughout the universe, how certain harmonics contain keys and codes to unlock the very process of creation, and how one particular math system reveals the very matrix of existence. Is this information new? No it is not. It has been laying dormant in our geometry, in our system of keeping time, in the way we measure our world, and in certain symbols we find all around us but have lost the connection to their true meaning.
(credit : Larrissa Cantoni )


Sonic Geometry Part 1:

Sonic Geometry Documentary – The Language Of Frequency And Form

A Newman Media Production
Written By Eric Rankin, Directed & Produced by Alanna Luna

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