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The Ruling Families System of Domination And Control Exposed

They Control Us By Controlling The Source Of Money. The Mass Of Society Is Now Working To Pay Off Their Debts To The Banks

1:08 Who is behind the huge energy corporations
4:14  In two crucial areas Energy and Food, The Same Elite Banking Families and their corporations have taken control and the consequences have been devastating.
4:42 if oil and food are controlled by the big banking families where else does their influence show up?
We are on the bottom level going about our daily lives.
above us is government, people who are given a monopoly on force and use it to tax and control us whether or not we agree, but who controls them?
At the next level are the corporations. Many say that is now corporations and not nation states rule the world. Its called a corporatocracy. To acquire the worlds resources and control the markets. The corporatocracy must have access to cheap money. The big corporations get their loans at a special rate from the big banks. which means those who control the major banks ultimately control the banks
11:11 David Icke on money scam
under this fractional reserve scheme we inevitable become debt slaves to a ruling
class of financial elite. Not because the are better or smarter than anyone else but because
they have rigged the system to benefit themselves at the expense of most people on the planet
henry ford meme banks
15:35 Jekyll Island year 1910 creation of the federal reserve
1913 The Federal Reserve And The Internal Revenue Service were started.
17:26 What should the proper relationship between a chairman of the Federal Reserve And The President
20:24 The Elite Role In The Great Depression And The 2008 Financial Collapse.
22:56 David Icke on the rigging of the federal reserve business cycles. 

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