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The War on Reality: How Globalists Occupy System Zombie Minds To Control Everything

Almost everything that you see in society or from official sources is fabricated or rigged, its fictional. Its all designed to weave this artificial tapestry of beliefs and ideas and so called truths in your mind that actually not true and not based on reality.
The point of this is to create a system of control, a prison for your mind that gives you the illusion of thinking you have freedom of thought or freedom of choice or that you live in a democracy for example. When in reality this entire system around you is All fabricated to force you into making certain decision or taking certain actions or avoiding certain actions All of which further the desires and consolidation of power
of the totalitarian regime in power.
All so called official stories or official narratives are really mythology’s just stated in the language of truth but rooted in distortions of truth and yet they are accepted by people as reality because the fuel behind the myth is peer pressure or consensus or social acceptance so whether were talking about history or medicine flu vaccines science GMO’s or role of government the role of money economics central banking, quantum easing ALL of these are based on culture myths that are provable FALSE
Up To 1:52 is the above text
1:52   How You Are Kept Isolated From Reality: The implanting of false mental models into your consciousness
5:32 Hacking Your Brain: Fabricating Consensus Reality
8:21 Reality Is Whatever You’re Told It Is
10:46 The Real Threat To Status Que Science And Medicine Is Critical Thinking
15:06 Political Correctness Is The Opposite Of Tolerance
17:14 Mainstream Media’s Role Is To Reinforce Official Delusions And Isolate You From Reality.
20:10 Rewriting History As A Form Of Social Mind Control
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