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Top Researchers – Who Are The Archons

the archons

Gnostic archons
Serpent God (Far East and C. America)
Chitauri (Zulu)
Anunnaki (Sumer)
Snake Brothers (Hopi)
Star People (Various)
Flyers (Central America)
Demons (Christianity)
Archons (Gnostic)
Jinn (Islam)
David Icke On The Archons

Andrew Bartzis On The Archons

Simon Parkes On The Archons

John Lash On The Archons

Cameron Day On The Archons

Jay Weidner On The Archons

Robert Stanley on the Archons

UFO TV Documentary

Archon Matrix - Energy Vampires
Archon Matrix - Rise Of The Archons
human barcodeacreeWake_Up_Humans.224201011_std
Archon Soul Contract
The Powers That Be 99% VS 1%Archon Matrix Control Pyramid
Archon Matrix New World Order
Archon Matrix Government Corruption

Asleep Humans Are Slaves To The

Internet Vs New World Order


The Beings That Control The Consciousness Of Humans Needs You In A State Of Anxiety And Fear, And Rage And Anger They Feed Off Those Energies
The Only Way Your Going To Gain Your Freedom, Your Soul Sovereignty, Is By Doing The Emotional Inner Journey Work 
Detach From The Main Stream Reality That Is Government, Politics, And Media. You Have To Vote By Your Actions Of Where You Choose To Shop, What You Choose To Buy And Where You Choose To Put Your Time And Attention. And Observe Your Own Levels Of Fear And Anxiety.
We Are Here Now To Unprogram Ourselves
You Have To Go Inside Your Emotional Self To Your Subconscious Mind, Remember The Conscious Mind Is About 25% Of Your Reality. It’s  The 75% That Runs The Rest Of It That You Need To Be Concerned About
The System Of Domination And Control Programs Your Subconscious Mind

Full-Specturm Matrix Deprogramming

The type of multi-dimensional self-revelation and curative introspection brought forth by a spiritual journey of this magnitude has three fundamental properties: physical healing, spiritual healing and spiritual discovery. 
Attacking at once every pillar of the Matrix,

7 systems of the Matrix of Control
7 systems of the Matrix of Control

revealing in vivid, high-definition clarity its various strangleholds on the sub-conscious, it is common for westerners to experience their first journey as a heavy, full-spectrum examination of the most warped and damning contents that infect the mind and spirit.
Fear is a weapon of mass destruction, one that we are encouraged to feel, but discouraged to confront.
The time has come to identify the force that works through the unconsciousness infiltrating the consciousness of everyone involved. Agent Smith is everywhere!

People on Earth hold the greatest power; it is this power that has been manipulated by an unseen force that survives through the unconsciousness.
Once a person starts gaining consciousness of what is truly going on, then something peculiar in the reality will start occurring. People and situations will suddenly start to manifest like crabs in a bucket, grabbing at your ankles as you are trying to exit the matrix.
Always remember that people unconsciously project their shadow selves onto others, i.e. aspects of themselves they are unwilling to forgive out of guilt.
Articles For Empowerment:

Archon Matrix Solution Articles
12 Methods To Unplug From The Matrix
Escaping The Matrix Of Depression
Identify Your Agent Smith
Solutions And Exit Strategy To Win The Game Of Life And Escape From Prison Planet Earth

Unplug From The Matrix Unplug From The Propaganda, Turn Off The Cell Phone, Turn Of Your Wireless Devices When Your Not Using Them. Get Out In Nature Take Energy Courses Become
A Healer. Become A Person That Empowers. Read Books On Spirituality. Share It With Others Get Out There And Do Something To Promote Change.


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